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What Are CoinMiners? CoinMiners are a Limited Edition Passive Earning option for members who are also in our Guild at Swissfaucet

Virtua-Miners producing Swissfaucet Guild Coins every day, which can be transferred to our Guild Bank for you to collect!
How Do They Work? Every CoinMiner you have increases your Daily Coin Mining Rate!

You may get as many CoinMiners as you wish, while stocks last!

Your CoinMiners don't have an expiration date, nor need repowering!

CoinMiners daily returns are based on our Swissfaucet Guilds Staking Tokens returns, plus a percentage of the Guild Banks monthly leftover Coins, and shall continue to function & produce returns alongside.
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(started in 2021)
How To Get CoinMiners Swissfaucet Guild Members:
You can /Transfer Coins to your account here by depositing Coins in the Guild Bank & typing /Transfer in the chat!

Claim the Daily Bonus Vault
for free extra Coins!

Claim the CoinMiner Bonus Vault for 24 hours after each CoinMiner purchase!

Look out for bargains in the Marketplace!
Members can resell their CoinMiners!

..more earning options to come!
How To Get Your Coins Collect your Mined Coins every day from your Account

When you've reached the minimum withdrawal amount (2500 Coins)
you can Withdraw your Coins
from the Guild Bank, or get more CoinMiners to increase your Daily CoinMining Rate!
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